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  The Consultant and the Tree
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The Consultant and the Tree
The development of trees in nature is similar to the development of people and organizations. As no two trees are identical, thus too no two individuals or organizations are identical.
The metaphor and the special comparison between organizational activity and human and organizational activity creates a new language through which we can learn about ourselves and the organizations in which we operate.
The Consultant and the Tree kit is an invitation to enter a rich, complex and never-ending forest. There we will meet with the tree of strengths, the wishing tree, the leadership tree and more. We will see the connection between the roots of the tree, its trunk, his branches and its fruits and the various aspects in people and organizations. We will learn about the comparison between the role of a skilled gardener, who takes care of the cultivation of the trees and the creation of a healthy forest, and the skilled consultant who assists people and organizations in development, change, renewal and growth processes.
The kit is designed for therapists, organizational consultants, group facilitators, coaches, teachers and educators. The kit is suitable for individual, couple and group work. The kit includes 100 designated cards, 18 gardener’s strength cards and 16 creative activities.



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