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  I am My Prayer in Hebrew
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I am My Prayer - 
“I Am My Prayer” - roots and values, a journey to the heart of Judaism.
What does a photograph of a rabbi blowing the shofar arouse in me? 
Where do the words modesty, sanctity and path touch me?
When I hear the phrase in the prayer “And He will send his angels to watch over you” how does this make me rejoice?
A set of “I Am My Prayer” cards is an invitation to an old-new journey to the depth of the Jewish heart;, there we will encounter ourselves in a world of our relationships, home, family, parents, children, friends - movement, taking action, growing and sometimes encountering difficulties however we march together on the path of faith.
The “I Am My Prayer” cards kit includes three types of cards: pictures, words and verses from Jewish sources. This kit presents the Jewish worlds of content and their daily influence on the life of the individual, the group and the community. Worlds of content are exposed via the cards: mystical, intellectual, perceptual, emotional and behavioural.
The kit contains 192 cards as well as activity instructions

הביטו על הקשרים שבין המילים, התמונות והפסוקים, גם לאורך, לרוחב ובאלכסון,
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