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Cards have always been a deep and enjoying way for passing messages and knowledge, connecting with oneself and the outer world.
Itzik's World of Cards offers a rich varied repertoire of different card-sets uniquely adapted to each and every aspect of our lives.

Itzik Shmulevich, organizational consultant, group facilitator, creating sets of cards and books therapeutic.
Developer creative techniques therapeutic for work with cards.

Target Audience :

 Each and everyone who is interested in enriching his or her self-awareness

 Therapists in different areas

 Group leaders


 Organizational consultants


 Educationists and teachers.

Itzik's World of Cards offers:

Enrichment for therapists and educators: 
Cards as a tool in the creative toolbox - creative response to various subjects, examination of different subjects, bypassing blocks, personal empowerment, developing individual and group creative thinking.

Teaching cards as a tool for enriching awareness, as well as a tool for therapeutic and activating work with people. Personal or group learning.

Creating customized games and card-sets, as well as modifying to suit various subjects.

Experiential cards sessions: By ordering in advance, on various subjects.


 Hatomer 11 St.    Even-Yehuda       Phone:  09-9550981       Mobile:  052-8359031