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  Sesame A Gate to Your Inner Magic
  Price:    53.00 $

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Sesame - A Gate to Your Inner Magic
Sesame cards kit opens a gate to a marvelous and ancient treasure cave: our soul.  It is our invitation to explore deep inside ourselves and strike gold.  We become reacquainted with our childhood heroes by magical and timeless fairytales about love, war, princesses, princes, witches, wizards, dragons and knights - all engaged in battles of good against evil.  
Drawing on the miraculous forces of the universe, we bridge reality with imagination to reconnect to the wonders we used to own and reclaim them.  They can now become our endless resources of power.
Sesame cards kit includes 72 beautifully illustrated cards (60 fairytale cards and 12 force cards) and suggestions for creative and effective awareness and therapeutic work.














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