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But if you don´t find any answers to your problem , please let us know at our Magic touch Support mail and we will answer you directly, and maybe post your problem on our Q&A page thank you for choosing Magic Touch Applications.

How to change the application Language ?       Navigate to the settings erea, under setting, choose language, and select the desired language, please note: the device should be restarted in order for the changes to take effect.

I've Selected a different language but i don't see any changes to the interface, what should i do ? language changes take effect only after application restarts, please follow these instructions: close the application with the home botton, double click the home botton, press and hold the merlin aplication icon, press the X sign.

which languages are currently supported, and which languages will be added The current languages are Hebrew and English, we are working on adding: France, German, and spanish, please let us know, which languages do you preffer at our feedback Email..

what is the difference between the IPAD version and Iphone version ? There couple of major changes between the Iphone and the IPAd version, first we made sure the graphics will use the high resultion of the IPAD, second we added a couple of intresting activites, if you have any suggestion on future activies of feedback, please let us know.

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